Here’s where it beings…

Hello, this is me! A short introduction to what you may be seeing on this blog. It can range from Harry Potter (and my serious obsession for books) to more serious topics. All will be accompanied by photos, as I have a bad habit! Also, you will definitely see some photos of my dog, Ruby, so that may attract those who are dog lovers!

As of yet, I haven’t particularly gone into detail on the ‘serious’ topics that I mentioned before, but maybe I just need to gain confidence and write a few jokey installations before going into the deep things that go round in my head. Because – if I will attract any people from writing this post – I don’t want to scare them away only a week into this (hopefully) long journey.

Small facts:

  • I’m different in real life
  • I’ve wanted to be a writer for years
  • My dog hates me
  • I will go off on a tangent
  • I’m fifteen

What you will expect to see on this ‘thingy’

  • Film reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Small facts about my day
  • SCHOOL 😦
  • YouTube
  • ‘Serious topics’ (STOP SAYING THAT)
  • Harry Potter

TTFN lovies! I’ll leave you with a picture of my dog:2014-09-20 14.37.47


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