Disney Day!

Hello, yeah, me, had enough yet?
Sorry, little weird introduction but well, HI! Today I invited a friend round for a Disney binge! It was only the afternoon, so we got through 4 films (movies) in
total. We watched: Aladdin, Bambi, Tangled and Alice in Wonderland! We are hoping to watch more. Finding Nemo in particular! There is a strange happiness that takes over me completely when I watch a Disney film. A feeling that I don’t get with any other; these films fill me with memories of childhood and when I was kissed by a prince in Disneyland Paris when I was seven! When I was ten I then finally went to Florida and we are hoping to go again next year! I CAN’T HIDE THE EXCITEMENT! But the cost of travelling to the US (from the UK) is something that I know we have to bare in mind.
Anyway, I’m going shopping with the same friend in Manchester tomorrow in hopes of Disney store and cinema for “Suffragette”…
Soon fellas!



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