Cinema and Manchester

Hallo! I went shopping today. I went to Lush and got some gold fun and obviously spent a long time in the Disney shop! (I got a Thumper Tsum Tsum!) I got a little tired walking around the shops, and it made me think about the 5K again… it shouldn’t be making me so worried.
I also went to the cinema (theater is a different thing, but if that’s how you say it?!) and I watched a film called Suffragette. It gave me a new appreciation for the movement of Women and the Vote! The actresses like Helena Boham Carter and Meryl Streep! I most definitely give it a five star and encourage anyone to watch it!
When I started my Media Studies course this year (year 10) we were asked to write our favourite film down and I couldn’t choose, so for homework I had to write top 5… and ended up doing top 50! This film would most definitely be in that 50!
Maybe I’ll write it some time…
Tell me what you think!


One thought on “Cinema and Manchester

  1. I totally agree! Suffragette would definitely be in that top list for me too! I completely agree with your halloween post too – Halloween just gives me the creeps!

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