I don’t like… Halloween

I’ve never been allowed to go trick-or-treating and I have never really enjoyed, or invited, the idea of lots of children walking around, knocking on strangers houses in the darkness causes anxiety rather than excitement within me! My fears are realised when there are terrifying news reports the next day! All I’ve heard for the past month (on and offline) is “HALLOWEEN” when the only positive thing I can possibly find is the ‘scary’ films that are on. In my opinion, it’s a rather pointless celebration. It seems to big a BIG DEAL in the USA but over here you get the odd house with decorations, but that’s it.
Sorry, this has been a bit of a rant, but I had to say it somewhere; it’s been bugging me so much!
Tschüß!  (speaking German for no reason…)


7 thoughts on “I don’t like… Halloween

    1. Haha! Sorry if it looks like I’m taking credit for the photo, it made me laugh too! (Inside Out Headquarters – Tumblr… they have loads of cute little photos like that)
      Quite glad I don’t live over there, I’D BE GOING OUT OF MY MIND! Safe in the cosy woodlands of England… I feel like I’ve offended Americans now…

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      1. Hahhaa I don’t know about the rest of the Americans but I’m an Indian living in the US so don’t worry πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜› gonna head over to tumblr now..thanks for the heads up πŸ‘πŸΌ


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