The Big Run (WW5K)

Hello creeps, I did it! I actually did it! I mentioned it a while ago, doing a 5K fun run for charity. Well, I did it! My sponsor form says that I should be giving about £60-£65 to the charities. After spending a week, probably more, stressing out about it, I did it and I’ve never been so proud! My head of house was constantly telling me that I should only do a bit of it, or I should stand with my friend who can’t do it. I had a really bad day on Thursday and then Friday morning (just before the walk) I was really bad as well and my head of house went to the extent of going up to my mates at dinner (lunch) and tried to tell them to convince me not to do it. There were two main reasons I was worried:

  • I have cerebral palsy, as mentioned before. Which means I’m aching A LOT today.
  • Over seven-hundred hundred people are all doing it at the same time!

We had an amazing warm up from the PE teacher and then got going, all hyped! It was going well – despite the mud – and I even did some running. But it wasn’t all sunshine and flowers. Around half the way through I was in a lot of pain and had to wait. Three great teachers walked passed and I said about how much I wanted to carry on. And I did. It got to the end and I ran to the finish! And I cried! Loads of people were cheering and we set off to get a drink and biscuits (cookies) but this was when everything turned sour. It was all going okay, but then CRASH! I collapsed. It happens a lot so the teachers knew what to do. One, although he didn’t want to get involved, still pulled up a chair for me. I then walked out of the hall linked arms with two teachers on either side of me. But all the teachers later congratulated me! Westwood 5K complete! I’m so damn happy, but in a bit of pain too!

Sorry, quite a long post. Until the next one… 🙂


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