Reading Anne Frank

I’m going to dive right into this one:

As you can probably tell by the title, this is about the world famous Anne Frank and reading her diary. Her honesty, knowledge but also a sense of innocence gave me an amazing insight into something that never gets discussed in enough detail. It is more like a punch line to a joke or a stupid comment on the bottom of a YouTube video.
I have never called a book about Nazis fascinating, more just “stunning” or “beautifully written”, but as this is an account of actual events it really was an interesting read. Anne writes in a very articulate manner for her age, even near the beginning. She wrote in such a way that it was almost as if she knew someone would read it in the future. In some ways it felt “too personal” as she referred the diary as a name “Kitty”. I especially found this odd because I have a friend called Kitty – well ‘Katherine’, not that anyone calls her that.
I’d rate this book as a four stars and would recommend it to anyone as my friend did for me. I am so glad that she did!
Goodbye all! – I really do need a name now…



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