Starting Miss Peregrine


Honestly, I’m an extremely slow reader and I’m not far through this although I started it a couple of days ago! The shame. The subject matter confuses me occasionally but that’s probably because I read it late at night… somehow the brilliance of the story goes in.
Sorry,  maybe this was a boring post. Maybe a Christmas one next week?
I have a lot of posts planned, but they’re either going to be too long or an extremely deep post (or both!).
Hope you still found this interesting. I would already recommend this book. Thanks if you read.
Leave a comment if you would like to see a deep, triggering post. Didn’t think so! Haha…


5 thoughts on “Starting Miss Peregrine

  1. I liked Miss peregrines’s Home for Peculiar Children, but thought the hype I had heard from teens/young adults/librarians was uncalled for, as I felt the book was overrated and wasn’t as fantastical/spooky as I wanted and was boring in certain parts. I liked the parts where the main characters were walking through the bog, and when the book mentions Bog Bodies and Will’o the Wisps–which are both very real and very spooky phenomenon!


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