So, It’s Been A While.

Hello, I apologise, but I kind of forgot I had this for a while. I hope you’re all doing well and that you’ve had a happy New Year – however you may have celebrated it. So, I’m back at school *small wimper* and I am officially drowned in coursework and my stress levels have risen particularly today.
I also met a girl online who I thought really liked me but that ended badly. I went to Warner Brothers Studio Tour on the 4th which was amazing, I am hoping to do a post specifically about it. I have talked to another girl who I fancied and apologised for my awkwardness:



She blocked me.
I have written a list of films that I want to watch this year and I am going to write the book one very soon. I have seriously freaked out today and felt rather strange. I am not going to write a list of resolutions this year, as there is little point and the things I want to change about myself are almost completely impossible to achieve.
I’ve had a horrible day so I wanted to make myself feel a bit better. Sorry for ranting/rambling! See you soon.


6 thoughts on “So, It’s Been A While.

  1. Totally made sense to me. The thing you wrote in that message, not the her blocking you thing. She really blocked you?

    I get what you’re feeling. When you say something like, “I’m aware you may not like me very much, but neither do others, so I don’t mind,” that’s pretty much the way I introduce myself to someone now so we can skip straight to the part where they flat-out reject me. It’s a total time-saver.

    But hey, something I’ve learned is to not apologize for me being me. If people don’t like me, then they don’t like me. And you shouldn’t apologize for being you. If someone doesn’t like your awkwardness, then that’s on them, and there’s nothing with that or with them or with you. It’s just what it is. So be you, be weird, and write your poems for whoever and for whatever reason. I mean, Taylor Swift did that, got tons of hate for it before she became a music sensation, and look at her now.

    And yeah, that’s just one of my weird things, this Taylor Swift obsession that recently latched onto me for some reason that I can’t explain.

    I’m just going to shut up now before I confess my way into a restraining order from Taylor Swift.

    By the way, I wish you less stress and better days. Stay weird. 🙂

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    1. Aww thank you so much, this has made my day! I guess that might not be saying much, but honestly, I am offering you my full gratitude! I had a horrible panic attack today, so I don’t know about stressing less! Haha!

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  2. Looking for love and friendship is difficult, I totally understand your feelings! I understand why you introduced yourself the way you did, but you need to have more confidence in yourself(I know, easier said than done!). Just tell yourself that these girls WANT to get to know you. They’re lucky to be able to talk to such a complex and creative person! I mean, look at you; you feel deep and intense emotions, you like to write, and you are honest about who you are! Those are really great things to be. Cheer up, hope your day gets better! 🙂

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