My Explanation Ramble.

Hello Readers,

This is written in form of a letter to anyone who is or has read my blog. If you have read posts that I wrote from April or times before that and are still reading them now, then you may have noticed a change in how I have been writing my posts this month. That is mostly because I want to make my blog more personal to me, rather than something which I think that other people would want to read. Luckily this has not diminished the support I have received and have thus gained 5 followers, since re-joining the site this month.

In my darkest days in the past months, it has given me little motivation to write or create, and has therefore impacted on my writing. This has had direct effects on my statistics, which I have fortunately regained. I find this a difficult platform to connect with people, but I have luckily been giving and receiving a lot of comments.

Although not many write to me, or like my posts, I feel it is necessary for me to explain that I will now be using my blog as a form of therapy. Feel free to show your support all the same.

Thank you

Quinn x


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