Embarrassing Childhood Website

ke12.pngWhen I was eleven I had a passion for song writing, but it was mostly hidden away in fear of rejection from my fellow peers. That is, until I met a friend called Emma. At first we shared ideas for something that we liked to call The Churnet View News, which discussed topics that we liked and disliked about the middle school we attended. We would sit in our English lessons making comments about the new things that our school was introducing; this was going to be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. The one day I made a stupid song up in my lesson and we made up a character and story (‘Wally was Blue’), we then decided that we wanted to make a joke website and album about our ‘music’. We had a special dance, which I called ‘The Bird Dance’ and we generally did a lot of nonsense. One day, bored out of my mind in this hospital, I remembered a URL, but wondered what it was about. I went to one of the computers in the Education Room, and that’s when I realised what it was: KE12 (the name of the Emma and Kira duo).

If you’re wondering, the URL is: http://www.ke12.weebly.com

Sorry for such a random post, but it was simply to do with the fact that being in here, I have had a lot of random memories pop up and writing about them is helping me to control them. If you did read, then thank you for doing so. Until the next time…

Q x


2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Childhood Website

  1. I’m glad I’m old enough to NEVER HAVE DONE THIS. although my older sister and I made cassette recordings of us being completely idiotic. We won’t say what decade that was. I’ll just get my walker now!
    I’m kinda proud of you two for doing it, though! Its fantastic when creativity has an outlet.

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