Mountains and Journeys

Sometimes I can be looking at a person and won’t understand what they are really saying to me, almost as if the actual words don’t matter and they are speaking in incomplete metaphors. I know this sounds really silly, but that is just how I feel. The words do matter when they are speaking, but I am always questioning whether it is actually what they mean and also the reliability of what they are saying. I am desperate to know what is wrong with me, but whenever I say this to someone, they say something completely insignificant in response. When I first started making blogs the only thing that mattered was getting good ratings, until I realised that I was forcing myself to write about something that didn’t matter, simply to get the likes, but the likes didn’t make me as happy as my own creativity. I am aware that I have repeated myself a little, but I don’t really care, because I know that it matters to me. These words I am writing matter to me, and as I am going to change my life around, I can concentrate on things that making me happier. I think that the further I go the more positive I will become, in this very different journey. I am proud of the little that I have already achieved in such a short space of time, although I know (no matter what) that I will now have further to fall. Last week I wrote a poem about a mountain, and the end of the lines in both stanzas ended in “Eventually we will all stand tall”. I feel that this is an important quote to carry through life. In the poem I talked about the scenery surrounding the mountain and how I felt ready to climb it. I am ready for the journey that I am facing, travelling up the mountain.


2 thoughts on “Mountains and Journeys

  1. Sounds normal to me – unless I already know what someone is saying to me, I never quite trust it all the way (loved ones excluded). Makes work quite…interesting, at times. What is their motivation for saying that? What do they want REALLY?


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