Officially Starting A New Chapter

I like to think of life in a very metaphorical way, I believe this makes it more refreshing, and also gives different perspectives that people would not usually think of. This is why I have named my post ‘Officially Starting A New Chapter’, as I think of my life as a story, as if someone somewhere is writing what I am doing and what is happening. I write about the things that happen almost like I am the creator of what is happening, although I clearly do not control everything that happens. Although, writing comes from thoughts and ideas, and it is often difficult for me to control of these thoughts, meaning that I may be writing the story, but not all parts are within my control. I wonder if some of the great novelists felt this way about their life and about their own stories. I also used to think this about my imaginary friends when I was younger, I was not always in full control of what they did, or their actions towards me; this sometimes resulted in some scary times, where I felt scared of what was happening in my head and imagination (especially when I felt as though the bad characters from my stories were coming alive). I was told that I was always in complete control with everything in my life, and things would only happen to me if I agreed with them, I later found out that this was not the case. The new chapter refers to me taking back the control in my life, after feeling completely out of control for so long. I am obsessed with control, and I get extremely scared when things happen in my life that I can’t take control of. The new chapter is important to me, after being completely out of control for years, unable to do anything about it, I am finally getting answers. These answers are going to help me along my new journey (which I talked about last time) – well, the answers, along with medication. Not only am I feeling positive, but I am also trying my best to remain positive. Positivity never used to be important to me, but being in hospital has made me realise just how important trying to remain positive is. A lot of the time, in here, people are laughing and joking, or jut generally playing and fooling around. The positivity on the ward is really infectious. And although we all know that we are going through a tough time, each other’s positivity and rewarding the little things instantly boosts your confidence. That’s why I’m going to have a plan, a plan for what life is going to be like, after getting discharged. Our home is going to have more routines and I am going to have revision plans when my education starts again. I am so looking forward to a seemingly brighter future.


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