Going Into The ‘Real World’

Yes, I haven’t been out much at all, so going into the real world with my family today was very special, and I hope to do it again very soon! My dog – Ruby – was taken on a walk by my family and a friend in a beautiful park. Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures, but my sister and friend went on a peddle boat swan, which was very amusing to watch! It was weird going out with them properly again after just over three weeks stuck in hospitals. It was also weird because with no member of staff by my side I just looked like a ‘normal’ child/teenager going out with their family; when I actually knew that after a lovely day out I would be returning to the hospital. One of my favourite things to do is walk the dog, so I’m very glad that I got to do that again, I will hopefully also be walking her on my birthday next Saturday when I get overnight leave from the hospital. I’m more excited about my birthday this year than I have been for about three or four years now!

Although I did enjoy myself, there’s often a fear or anxiety attached to going out and returning to the hospital, and it has often been overwhelming when I have to go and return to the exact same position I was in before. Hopefully the therapy I am receiving will help with this reaction, for when I fully re-join my community and go home.

Sorry for the not very interesting post, or if I bored you. I just wanted to get a few things out there. That post was not very well written or poetic in any way – when comparing it to my other recent posts. A nicer, more inspiring one will turn up soon, I hope. I just wanted to write a post about the happiness I felt today. Plus, I ended my post streak…

Thanks for reading,

Quinn x


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