Neighbourhoods – A Poem

Orderly rows of hedges,
Slate tiles lining the roof,
A door painted red,
The delicate ring of a doorbell,
The meow of a cat,
Flowers in hanging baskets,
Cars neatly tucked in their driveways;
Sounds peaceful?
Then you see the graffiti,
The key marks in a car,
CCTV cameras for safety,
You hear the scream of a cat,
The slap to his cheek,
Police siren’s repeated shrill,
Blue lights illuminate your room,
You get up from your sofa,
Take a look through the window,
You tell the others,
You sit back down,
Take a sip of tea,
Then carry on staring at a screen…

I’ve been thinking of writing a poem on here for a while. I wrote this one last week and thought I would post it. I’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading,

Quinn x


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