The sound of it hitting the concrete and windows is oddly calming. I wish I could stand there, without a care that my clothes were getting soaked through! Dancing, running, fooling around with friends in the rain. Why does rain have such sad and negative connotations. Personally, I don’t look at the rain and feel sad. The rain gives me a sense of home, which I will always welcome, especially at times like this. You need familiar things when you’re in hospital otherwise you feel lonely. Gifts and objects reminding me of home surround me in my room, with the rainy weather it almost feels like I’m at home. The rain is a comfort to many who I have come across, so I don’t understand why people have such a hatred towards it. It’s probably the slugs!

It was a short post, but I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading,

Q x


5 thoughts on “Rain

    1. Haha! That’s not very good. But in England there is almost constant rain all year round and I still really like it when it is raining. Sometimes it’s just an excuse to stay inside though! πŸ˜‰


      1. Oh right! Haha! Must be like that in Ireland too! I’m just used to it being Americans who I’m talking to on here, sorry! I’m not too bad thanks (if you want to know a little more, please look at my blog post). How are you?

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      2. Well I am a Yank, but I live here now! Never going back πŸ™‚ I’ve not looked at any blogs yet this eve. I’m in a rare fantastic mood. Had good things happen in numbers to outweigh the bad, so I’m cheerful for a change! There is a list of good things, but the one on my mind now is that I’m getting my first bass guitar tomorrow. I can’t play of course, but I like trying!

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