The Aftermath

So, after a wonderful birthday, here I am. A shrivelled up mess of what I was like before coming into hospital. Yes, I may be getting help and things may have seemed like they were improving, but now I am much more aware of what I’m missing – since I went home on overnight leave for my birthday. Everyone is really enjoying school and doing a lot of work, and here I am with one lesson worth of work for each subject and only having three forty-five minute sessions of education per day. But at the same time, I even have seemed to manage to miss those sessions a little too! The debilitating grips of depression pressing me down, and squishing me like a bug. The shouting voices have not ceased, and I have had my medication increased. The worst of it all, though, is that I was meant to be going out today to meet and have my book signed by the one and only Sue Perkins (presenter of The Great British Bake Off), and I have now had my leave taken away from me because of the voices that are currently telling me to do bad things. People have told me off for freaking out in front of others, when I have felt like I had no control. There’s nothing positive right now, sorry. I am having my ADOS assessment on Friday, so I’ll tell you how it went.

Sorry for such a negative post,

Quinn x


6 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. I’m in my own little hell at the moment, so not reading on time, sorry.
    I don’t like hearing you are being given out to because of your illness! Doesn’t seem professional behavour at all. It does seem positive that the outside world is looking more attractive, though. I was in hospital myself for just a few days, many years ago. You are in a harder situation than I was, then.
    I hate that shouting monster, so sorry it has taken up residence. It can be evicted, I promise. It’s a damned squatter after all, you never invited it in!

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