Back On Track

This is a post I wrote yesterday:

Well, first off, I am very sorry about such a negative blog post last time, luckily I feel better and more positive since then. I’ve just had a meeting with my doctor, much better turn out than my meeting last Wednesday. I couldn’t believe my ears when my consultant was discussing my discharge: “in a matter of weeks”! I am no longer hearing violent voices and I’m feeling a lot less anxious, in general, all thanks to the medication that I’ve been put on. Honestly, I am in complete disbelief at how well it went, when considering the complete state I was in last week. In fact, I was so upset that this time last week I was probably sleeping! In other news, I did my ADOS test and it was rather difficult, but I got through it without getting incredibly anxious. The questions all really confused me, especially the ones about emotions. Despite the fact I am still awaiting the result, my doctor is already talking about how my family and school can be better informed about autism and how I can deal with it. The result seems positive. The only current negative I can find is that I have a friend that is clearly ashamed of me, so much so that she won’t let her parents meet me or vice versa (it’s annoying because it was a kind offer from her parents…).

Thanks for reading, that’s all for now,

Quinn x


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