The Cycle

I wrote a poem last night in a dark time, on a new ward:



Dreams wishes, all of the above

Nothing making complete sense in this world,

Life evolving and changing in front of my eyes

Everything once dark in a disguise,

Changes making speed bumps

And changes in my time,

Nothing will ever be the same as it was,

But is that a negative?

Is what is happening to me really so bad?

BANG! A shot too real to ignore,

It blows all the plans away,

Nothing will be the same anymore,

Wishes and dreams shattered like glass,

My chances fading to dust and ash,

But then there’s a light,

It shines in the distance,

How do I get there, I wonder?

Building the time up, builds the steps,

The steps to freedom,

Freedom of the current hell of my mind,

The steps are fragile, and sometimes break,

Those steps are easily fixed,

The brightness is so close I can almost touch it…

BANG! Another shot…




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